Every year ZARRI works 2,000 tons of steel, including 750 from coil (ø3-12 mm) and 550 from bars (ø10-30 mm). Items are manufactured using cold-forming technology on different production lines, allowing us to deal quickly with small, medium and large orders.

The main processes we offer are: cutting, rolling, bending, marking, pressing, welding, drilling, boring, extrusion, coining.

By contracting out some processes to third parties, we are able to offer a number of heat treatments (stress relieving, hardening and induction hardening…) and anti-corrosion coatings (electrolytic zinc-coating, hot-dip galvanizing, zinc/aluminium, Dacromet® and Geomet®, chromium plating, burnishing, cataphoresis, painting, phosphate coating…).

The company is equipped with an automatic warehouse with a capacity of 1400 pallet spots, guaranteeing just in time delivery to our customers.

The main products, both bent and threaded, are:

U-bolts, studs, tie rods, hooks, eye bolts, pins and 3D items

shaped with CNC machines.

80% of production is made up of PRODUCTS made to customer design – machine and plant components supplied to single or scheduled orders.

20% of production is made up of our standard PRODUCTS – connectors and fasteners such as: round and square U-bolts, clamps and clips ready for delivery to the market both directly and through a network of retailers (hardware stores and component wholesalers).